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Friday, February 22, 2013

Liberal Democrat doesn't understand our Constitution

I'm constantly being told by several liberal Democrats, one of which lives under the same roof with me and others related to me, that my 2nd Amendment rights are not going to be violated by government actions. To all of those people, I must insist that they read this article- Warrantless searches called for by liberal Democrat. Read the entire article and follow the links for the supporting documents.

Note in the article that this liberal has tried to implement these warrantless "inspections" of firearms owners homes 3 times, in 2005, 2009 and 2013. But then he claims that the wording of the bill was a mistake and should have been removed earlier yet even though it is his bill, the wording has remained for 3 attempts into law in Washington.

Now when I was in the military there was a well know maxim- "Once is an error, twice is coincidence and the third time it's enemy action." I think it is only right to declare that Senator Kline of Washington is the enemy and his actions and intentions prove it.

Now is it a stretch to believe that if this liberal Democrat has so little regard for our Constitution and will actively move to circumvent the 4th Amendment that the same level of action can't or won't be taken against the 2nd Amendment? It's obvious to me that our 2nd Amendment is under greater attack by elected officials in numerous states and at the federal level.

So I don't believe you!

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